Our story

It was the fall of 1991 when young researchers of VTT, Paavo, Hannu and Anssi, were pondering that planning, management and informative tasks producing additional income for young families needed a better controlled approach. Together, it was decided to found a company which would channel all those small things done alongside research. The company was never called “Viivasuora” (“Straight as an arrow”), because the name was already in use, but in the early spring of 1992 Mittaviiva Oy was founded and in official records. This is where a long, winding journey began and which still continues a quarter of a century later.

Tietokone ja suunnittelupiirrustus pöydällä

From home office to Jääkärinkatu as a subtenant for an architecture office LPV, and to Mankkaa, from where, after a fire, to the peace of the “technology village” in Otaniemi. There it was good to develop a company, where Hannu and Anssi had already become full-time entrepreneurs. Paavo gave up his ownership in an early stage and made a career in the world of insurances. Already in Mankkaa, in the mid-90’s, Tarja began her work in Mittaviiva which still continues. The length of the common journey is perhaps explained by a legendary quote originating from Tarja’s family circles: “Mittaviiva is not a work place, Mittaviiva is a way of life.” Task-planning, building information models (BIM), project management as well as research and development especially with Ratu were central for Mittaviiva’s work. Mistakes were learned from and approaches were developed.

At the turn of the millennium Mittaviiva moved to the Quartetto in Leppävaara, growing, and focusing alongside research and development on management and monitoring. Tuomas, who came to work with his master’s thesis, also began working with us, just like Tarja had earlier. Rita came by to make her project work and luckily stayed on this road. Matti, who had worked during summers already in Otaniemi began to work part-time alongside his studies. The speed rose, the number of people grew, and little by little people also changed: Sampsa left to Tekes, Auli to Posiva and Petsku to Haahtela. Training became a central for Mittaviiva’s work. Ratu and production development was a strong foundation whereby to build different educational entities. By the end of the 90’s Tarja and Anssi had already created a model for training of project planning, which has been used in tens of vocational examinations on production management as well as company-specific trainings.

As the people were replaced in 2007. Satu as well as Christian came to work for Mittaviiva and the company moved inside Ring I, into Stella Business Park, where we still thrive. Our home on the fifth floor of the Nova-house is a cosy and a peaceful place to research, develop and brainstorm new ideas. In the beginning of June 2009 we lost Hannu, a dear friend and inventor. A different era began. Recovery from a great loss has taken its time, our work has been diverse, and all members of Mittaviiva have had the opportunity to grow, from which a big thank you. The journey continues – assumingly towards new, versatile challenges.

Our values

Are joy, passion, and enthusiasm.

Our mission

Is to produce scientific information, and to enable change.

Our vision

Is that every builder in Finland will use information produced by Mittaviiva in 2025.