During the 25 years of Mittaviiva’s history we have compiled information about construction into nearly all possible forms of publication. We have an excellent talent to connect the information accumulated to us into new informational entities suitable for different uses, such as publications, counters, information services or as parts of softwares.

Ratu handbooks, guides and design instructions are our main publication channel concerning production in construction. We have worked as a research organization for Ratu since 1993, and since 2016 we have been a party of the Ratu project.

You may access counters based on scientifically acquired data, such as the TES-calculatort through us.

We are able to efficiently produce reports tailored for work analysis, intended for measuring production, which we have done for i.a. NCC Roads and Lehto Group.

An important aspect of construction is work safety. We have published information concerning work safety not only in Ratu but also as guides and instructions for small builders, groundwork builders and specialized employees.

We have developed collaborative games such as Raksalla.

Our company has excellent relations with the management of construction companies, construction sites and organizations as well as schools all the way up to university via committees, development groups and projects.

Producing content

We work as a content provider for construction professionals as well as home builders.
Content can be produced together with the customer or the committee, or we can collect information from different construction publications or from an interview survey. Our goal is to mould together the practices of construction and the knowledge of research in construction production.

We can also design the final presentation of information or, if necessary, provide suitable illustrations for the publication. Until now we have produced content for calculators, websites, guides, cards and books.

Tools for cost management

Does your organization need a tailored tool for cost accounting or scheduling construction tasks? Would you like to offer your customer a web counter for evaluating the price or the sizing of the product offer for the tailored product?

Mittaviiva can provide the application needed, offer knowledge of the costs of construction, or work as a consult in your project. We have 10 years of experience in producing cost accounting information and applications as well as applications for evaluation, sizing and accounting. We produce web calculators (PHP & SQL based) and FileMaker Standalone applications for use in local workstations (Windows, Mac)

Production data

Mittaviiva has worked as a research organization for the Ratu project by Talonrakennusteollisuus ry since 1993 and as a party of the project since 2016.

Ratu research is work analysis. The term Ratu is often linked to information concerning work consumption. In Ratu research, however, methods, work safety and factors influencing the quality of construction are analyzed as well.

With information gained from Ratu we also serve individual construction companies, residential housing companies and financiers. Information from Ratu can be utilized in creating and evaluating general, construction and weekly schedules.

Our experts provide an objective evaluation of the duration and execution of the work. We can also help construction companies to develop their own files of work consumption.